A Florida Man Says He Bought 203 URLs Protesting Coronavirus Shutdowns To Troll Conservatives. Then He Got Trolled Himself.

“I bought a couple hundred names. I bought everything I could get my hands on,” Michael Murphy said. “Then everything went crazy.”

Security Researchers Say The Reopen America Campaign Is Being Astroturfed

Gun advocacy and conservative groups are responsible for astroturfing the reopen America campaign that has swept the US in recent days, according to research from cybersecurity experts.

How an “Old Hippie” Got Accused of Astroturfing the Right-Wing Campaign to Reopen the Economy

“Liberals think I’m trying to support all these nut cases…They have it all wrong.”

Revealed: How the US gun lobby exploits the coronavirus pandemic to further its aims

An investigation into protests against coronavirus restrictions in the US revealed a tale of coordinated political action by gun lobbies, and one Florida man who was trying to get ahead of the curve.

Reopen Domains: Shut the Front Dorr

They suspected that a number of the state-based reopenmn[.]com or reopenmd[.]com domains were all registered on GoDaddy at the same time and within seconds of each other.

Coronavirus: Online trolls target Jacksonville businessman for urging economy to re-open. He says they got it wrong.

Murphy — who said he’s opposed to the country opening back up too soon, citing fear of “another bird flu” — said he didn’t want to see other states follow suit and start campaigns to prematurely re-open states. So he took things into his own hands.

Jacksonville Man Threatened Amid Speculation He’s Behind National ‘Reopen’ Protests

A Jacksonville man says he’s been wrongly accused of “astroturfing” nationwide protests against government efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus — an assumption that’s led to threats against him, his wife, and their Railyard District salvage business, Eco Relics.